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Errol Davis was instrumental in assisting MindShare throughout the entire outsourcing process for our FEMA-NFIP client and, through his relationship with Network Direct has remained actively involved in the ongoing monitoring and management of the relationship with the outsource partner that was chosen. We were able to take advantage of Errol's expertise and years of industry experience to help make sure that we made the best possible choices for our client.

Errol, and his expertise, is not new to us at MindShare as we have worked with him throughout his career and have benefited from his knowledge, expertise and business acumen.

If you should require any other reference information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Marion Z Murphy
Managing Partner, Director of Direct Marketing
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In 1998, I was asked to add the oversight of a small in-house call center to my responsiblities as the Director of Training at Jenny Craig. It became quickly apparant that this small operation had the potential to be a strategic growth opportunity for the Company.

The first step we needed to take was to change its operating procedures to mirror a typical call center. I hired Errol Davis to come in, assess the operation, and develop his recommendations. This initial work became the starting point for a working relationship that lasted years and saw the successful evolution of this once small, highly manual and inefficient in-house call center into a highly profitable and stategic growth lever for the Company.

Errol provided the appropriate strategy, insight and guidance in all areas of the operation. He became a partner that understood our goals and objectives and gave us the tools to meet them.

Sherry Rose VP Branch Operations Merry Maids

"Errol has played an integral part in the successful selection of Inbound Call Centers for our customer service, order taking and DRTV applications.

He takes the time to understand the requirements that are most important to us and identifies the centers that have the ability to meet our needs."

Denise Payne Senior Vice President, Sales Barton-Cotton, Inc.

Errol Davis and Associates was most helpful to me in selecting outsource vendors to handle overflow calls generated by radio and television advertising. Their post selection follow-up was also quite helpful in monitoring vendor performance over the long term.

Their in-house consulting services aided me in planning contact center expansion particularly in such areas as staffing and training.

Tarry Davis Senior Consultant Formerly, Vice President, Customer Contact Center Oreck, Corp.

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