Vendor-Partner Management

As an Errol Davis & Associates client, a full range of proactive project management services are available. Working with your internal management team, agency or direct response support staff, we can provide the following services to support your project, as needed:
Daily service level, activity, conversion and cost analysis and reporting.
  • Call monitoring and evaluation.
  • Front-line service and training.
  • Productivity and performance reviews
  • Response channel reviews, enhancements and upgrades when needed.

"Our Mission Statement:
To match a client's specific advertising response, custo ...
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"Errol Davis Is An Advertising Response Call Center Consultant Expert In Assisting Clients And Agencies In Developing, Implementing, Outsourcing And Managing Direct Response Strategies And Resources, Both In-House And Outsourced. Read More
Errol Davis and Associates
Errol Davis and his associates welcome you to 30+ years of advertising response expertise including call center outsourcing & consulting, web response and mobile - SMS messaging.

Errol Davis and his associates are a group of advertising response industry specialists who have worked with large and small corporations, associations, direct marketers, non-profit organizations and their agencies for more than 30 years in the development, implementation and ongoing management of results driven contact center - telemarketing resources; both in-house and outsourced, as well as web response and mobile marketing program design, implementation and management.


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